Ada 2020 target syntax (at)

I’ve already talked a little bit about Ada++ — just a waste of time, in my opinion.

Somebody once told me that he liked C because you can write


where other languages require

   a := a + 1;

I don’t see the problem, but imagine that the variable to be incremented is longer:

   A_Long_Name_For_A_Var := A_Long_Name_For_A_Var + 1;

Well, in Ada 2020 you can write

   A_Long_Name_For_A_Var := @ + 1;

(Yes, Ada 2020, not in Ada 2012… GNAT already support -gnat2020 and this feature, but I suppose you must check what else is supported before embracing anything in Ada 2020.)

Let’s say it again: Ada++ syntax is a silly idea

Silly to say the least.

Now I’ve stumbled on A Modern Syntax For Ada and had goose bumps and thrills along my spine.

Make Way For Ducklings Prank.jpg

Before spitting on that job of Adacore’s core members, luckly I’ve read that it’s just a April Fool Prank.

Now I feel better.

But let’s compare the idea of this prank with Ada++…

Ada++ embraces part of those ideas scolded in the april fool prank!

  • is becomes :
  • pointless shortening (here return becomes ret, function becomes fn… Ada++ has priv instead of private…)
  • begin becomes { and end }

So, I hope I am not alone when I say that Ada++ is a horrible idea and hopefully I won’t be the only one rage rejecting it.

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