Whitney Houston punished by God because of her conversion to Islam

This is not my opinion of course, but sadly it is what you can read in this article by Carlo Di Pietro, a guy belonging to a sect called "Milizia di San Michele Arcangelo" (militia of St. Michael the Archangel), a scary denomination for a scary group of mad people who hide their madness behind this description: the community of "Milizia di San Michele Arcangelo" is a group of catholic persons engaged in spreading the right Christian cult of devotion to the saint angels and in particular to St. Michael the Archangel.
The article is hosted by a "newspaper" called Pontifex, edited by Bruno Volpe and the same Carlo Di Pietro. Pontifex  is nothing but medieval propaganda against different religions, against homosexuality and in general against every other things that do not fit into their narrow minds.
I think that all Catholic and Christian persons should be deeply ashemed by the violent words these guys write in name of their own god.
But let us take a look at one set of these words about the death of Whitney Houston (I won't translate everything, just the "most important" parts; italics or other emphasis is added by me):

Whitney Houston is dead: another talent who goes away. Admonition of God because of her recent conversion to Islam?
This morning I knew that the famous singer and actress Whitney Houston has died and I do not hide the fact that I felt deeply perturbed because of the great skills of a woman who unfortunately has chosen the large door, and has paid. [...]
Let us pray for this great artist, who's died (as it seems) because of diabolic vices, of a strongly troubled soul and harassed by many temptations. Unfortunately the success is not synonymous of happiness and too often they search for help and consolation in the wrong persons, false beliefs and destructive artificiality.
You can't believe it, since (as reported by Il Messaggero) she had found serenity again thanks to her conversion to Islam. ["It is strange (the fact that is happened), since"... I have no idiomatic english translantion for "E pensare che...", lit. it would be: "And to think that (she had ...)"].
The news, spread in the recent February, had found very much resonance in the american islamic sites that, with great exultation, welcomed a great star.
The very same Houston, according to rumors, stated that she had found in Islam a dimension of serenity, after the hard personal life events the star had been involved in.
These are the results.
Admonition of God? Who can say it, we can't know certain dynamics, even if the event and the sad coincidence make it clear.
The good example must be given first by the known persons who, having "received" so much, so much they must "give" first from a spiritual point of view, then from a moral and material point of view.
God have mercy of her soul.

The main topic of the article is of course her conversion to Islam and the main purpose is to "prove" that it is a bad thing that has caused her death: punishment for her bad choices. Simplistic propaganda techniques at work, naively used.

I hope no one (except maybe the common Pontifex readers) needs to show where this article is illogical, to say the less, even in the constructs of the sentences (I've already done more than the necessary italics-izing or coloring some words). It's a clumsy usage of very basic propoganda techniques. My fear is that it is enough for the average reader of this "newspaper".