C++ slower than Java: the danger of AI, or HS

Once in a while I look up articles about programming languages, just to waste a little bit of precious time or to find inspiring quotes agreeing with my fact-grounded truth about languages which suck, despite being widely used, and those that could rule half the world, if only programming hadn’t become like modern music and art: coloured tasteless shit put inside glossy glassy windows which by mirroring attract schools of self-admired empty hedonistic puppets, once persons, playing the assigned role of the rebels, faux as a golden hole, happily in chains hidden under a silky furry trendy carpet — and the so-called artist, who’s built this captivating dreamy reality to help the rulers keeping the rabble in line, has the pockets packed of money. Burnt youth whom the awful truth can’t be revealed to — just to cite the poet.

I began writing this article on 18 September 2022. It was a filler then, it is a filler now. But this doesn’t mean that there can’t be wisdom between the lines.