Ada++ what?

Not very much time ago I commented on a post on LinkedIn. The post promoted the “Ada++” language as some sort of better Ada. As an Ada hobby newcomer who began to like the language very much (and who started to consider C++ acceptable in its modern revisions, and yet continues to think not very much of that really important and powerful language), I felt horrified. Ada isn’t perfect, nothing is perfect, but the comment made me think it was almost all because of the syntax. What’s wrong with Ada’s syntax? According to me, nothing; and on the other side there’s C++, which to me is a syntax nightmare.

One month later or so, I stumbled on that comment again and took a look (again!) to the Ada++ website. Looking around… again… I confirmed my first impression that the idea is horrorful, even if it would about syntax only.

Do we want a C++-syntax-like language? What’s the value in this? Will C++ developer feel more comfortable? Why not a C++ada language where C++ imitates Ada’s syntax, just to make Ada developers more comfortable with C++…?