The "basic" thing

For a project with friends of mine I was requested to write a C# class. Ok, it is a good opportunity to learn in practice some bits of that language, I thought. But at the end what happened was that large part of the C# code has to be generated automatically by a VBA script (I wanted to do it in Perl, but since the code must be generated from MS Excel data and formulae, VBA was suggested as a easier and more microsoft-friendly solution), and so currently I've written more VBA code than C# code!

At the very beginning I was almost disgusted, but now I've realized that after all it was funny. It remembered me ancient days of "basic" structured programming, and having limitations that push you to find "workarounds" is funny too — though scaring if you have milestones!

I would like to give more time to C# enhancing the google video downloader, which is still a horrorful immature crap (though working for what it's worth); nonetheless now I can add VBA to the list of languages I've frequented someway... just another brick in the wall.