SIINSCAE: Software Installation Is Not Software (default) Configuration And Execution.


Database crackdown

It was a bright sunny day, or maybe not. Then, suddenly, a system started to misbehave.


Overloading so much

I suppose that my average readers know what overloading is, but let me give a quick definition: overloading is a feature which allows to reuse (overload) a function name provided that each signature makes each function distinguishable. According to the signature the compiler can pick the right actual code to execute.


Beyond 140

Twitter has the limit of 140 characters per tweet, and this limit is even reduced when you add media contents like images. Now that Twitter is “consumed” through the web, there wouldn't be serious reasons not to rise that limit.


Microsoft Windows CLSID from shell32.dll (… and a little bit more)

I pull this out from my old site hosted by Capo Nord — gone away. I don't think this is useful stuff (anymore?), but here it is anyway.


It's a hard pr0n life

When money will begin to run out and we'll realize (again) that there's no value in it, barter will become the most popular way of exchanging and sharing resources: everyone will trade things for things, instead of promises of things for things.