Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing?

I like very much articles and videos smashing C++ and object oriented paradigm as it is now.

Here an example of video about OOP, it goes by the title of Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing. Woa.

Don’t take me wrong: OOP can be good. Just not used so much and how it is often used.

And about C++, not strictly related to OOP, but the story is this: I hated the language until C++11, when I started to see hope. But now, I doubt the path is “totally” correct. I mean, there are still good stuffs added even in the latest revision (few things come late, but better late than never, right?), but it seems to me it’s going too fast. They should slow down and think a little bit more before they add something they will deprecate later. And in the meantime, developer can let the new things sink better in their mindset.

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