Don't Go, let's Go

Go mascot

My few encounters with Go were pleasant and I stick to the idea that it is a good language.


Sather's iterators

Coroutines By Tevfik AKTU─×LU - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sather's way for loops is interesting: you have iterators which yield giving the control back to the caller, very much like coroutines do.

Sather reloaded

Sather Tower By John Galen Howard - from the exhibition catalog of the 'Roma Pacifica' Online Exhibit. Of the John Galen Howard Collection (1955-4), Environmental Design Archives, University of California, Berkeley., Public Domain

Once upon a time, there was Sather… I've briefly said it exists in a previous old article, Languages, OOP, Sather et al..


Performance-impacting postconditions

Bloody paperwork

Declaring preconditions, postconditions, and invariants, and actually checking them at runtime are two different things.


Hamming numbers

Tasks and exceptions in Ada

Ada's concurrency facility (tasks) reminds me of Erlang's concurrency facility. I am not fluent in any of these two languages but I like them — Ada is a fresh new entry in the list: seen a bit of it ages ago and I thought to dislike it. Now I'm looking into it again and a litte bit deeper, and I started to like it…