Android Lollipop annoys me (a little bit)

There's a way of thinking that worries me: a “new operating system” must look graphically different from the previous version of the same operating system. Premise: I have been upgraded to Android (so-called) Lollipop. (Second premise: I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 — something I regret, but it's too late and I'll keep it till I die or till it breaks — whatever happens first).


Type-generic functions (overloading) in C11

I have often wondered why C hasn't any kind of function overloading. The typical answer is that we don't want to live with name mangling in C — the hell of the C++ — that would break a lot of things which must stay as they are. I agree… except that you don't need to implement it the C++ way when you have a bright example like Fortran.