SNUSP esolang and an interpreter in Go

While Golfrun specifications are becoming foggy day by day (month by month, year by year…) and C++11 implementation of a Golfrun interpreter is still far to come, I am experimenting with the Go language, as done in the previous post. Thus I have decided to implement an interpreter of an esoteric programming language I liked very much: SNUSP. In the past I have already written a C interpreter for Modular SNUSP: it was my first contribution (as far as I can remember) to RosettaCode; then, I uploaded it to SourceForge too.

Now I have implemented an interpreter for SNUSP using the Go language. You can find GoSNUSP code on github.

GoSNUSP can interpret (bugs apart…) Core, Modular and Bloated SNUSP.


Coroutines or goroutines?

I have already skimmed the topic with two posts:

The next promised post should have been about the same matter, tackled using D.E.Knuth's MMIX, mainly because of the GO and PUSHGO instructions.


Something about certificates, CA, SSL and alike

Disclaimer: this article is not about security best practices nor contains advices about how to set-up a secure and trusted communication between two peers or a correct and working PKI. Its aim is to give a general picture of a broader topic, whose surface is slightly scratched by this text.