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I've just seen that there are stats about blog traffic! And I've just discovered a lot of traffic came from StackOverflow, a place I've almost discontinued to frequent — good place for practical solutions to practical problems, but absolutely deaf and blind for reasoning, "theoretical" analysis of hypothesis, exploring knowledge and so on (like any other Q&A site, no matter how much technical they call themselves)...

Anyway since it can produce traffic to this very "useful" blog, the piece of me allured by net popularity (!) is suggesting me not to forget the place... Now that I am thinking about it, I've left alone a war-speech about the output of a (intentionally) wrong piece of C code and distinction between "undefined" and "unspecified" behaviour in the standard paper for the language. It's enough for today, but in the weekend, if I'll own a brand new laptop, I'll poke the fire until someone can explain for real and competently why that code outputs what many people expect, as if it would be "unspecified behaviour", and what should realistically happen under the cover of the compiler in order to manifest the "undefined behaviour" — my position was that the specific code will output always what indeed it outputs, despite the "undefinition", and so, in the specific case, for the specific code, no "undefined behaviour" can manifest itself (and indeed even the unspecified behaviour would be hidden by the way the code was written, it was about passing a "problematic" argument to a printf with a format string that would take only one argument, details on SO, but I'll be back on the topic, don't be afraid).

Wo, two posts in a day, I am growing the statistics!

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