Another lazy one-liner

Today I was back on twitter (guess, shintakezou) and found among people I am following an interesting link. I wanted to download almost everything and lazyly built the following line:

lynx http://address -dump |
egrep -v thumb |
egrep "[0-9]+\. http:" |
egrep "mp3|jpg" |sed -e 's/[0-9]\+\.//;s/^ \+//' |
xargs -n 1 wget

I am almost sure there's a better way, but I've just finished eating.

Since people may think this is mainly a p0rn scraping line (mixed with few good musical files), I claim it is not even though it could be used for that purpose too. In that address I've found many Bilibin images — I know this artist only because his paintings are often used on Fravia's site (R.I.P.) — and a mp3 file I am going to listen, the title is Nuclear weapons are morally infensible.

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