Just to Begin

What should I write just to introduce myself or rather this blog? I really don't know, thus I won't try to be smart, cool or whatever. Basically I've nothing to say, so I can say everything, though in an English that could make someone shudder. And I'll begin from the very end. Few days ago (maybe already a week or more!) I was back from hospital. Recently I underwent a surgical operation, something like this (indeed, precisely it). Has this fact changed my view of life and universe? Nothing at all. Has this fact brought to me a new awareness about something? Maybe yes. Did I see a light, a bright tunnel, a whirl and hear a voice telling me my time is not come yet? No. Simply turned off for a while. No vision, no memory, no thought, no pain. Satori? I don't know but it was not unpleasant, and this is the outstanding fact. Unpleasant were the painful awakenings (two).

Will I talk about this in the blog? Not at all, luckly! It was just a way to begin and explain why I haven't been online for several days, a month and an half, more or less. Since January, 30, until a day in March. So you're wondering what this blog will be about... I think, but I am not sure, I will put in it words people can disregard, maybe opinions, maybe witticisms, maybe codes, ... ideas coming into my mind, without necessarily a logic tie, nor the claim to be interesting for a supposed audience. And of course without the promise for a perfect English... The only language I can write in correctly is Italian. Why doesn't I write in italian? Because I prefer to imagine a supposed larger audience.

That's all for this first post...

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